Immigration Law – Visa Outstay in Thailand

Any outsider who enters or comes to remain in the Realm without authorization or when such consent terminates or is denied, the skillful authority will oust such outsiders out of the realm; This visa guideline is for outsiders who exceed their visa or visa absolved licenses; you need to withdraw Thailand preceding termination of your grant or visa. Whenever got prior to coming to the air terminal or land line, there will be possible capture and detainment.

What is Exceed?

Thailand visa Remaining in Thailand past the ‘conceded until’ date which is stepped in your visa when you go through Thai Immigration on your internal excursion to Thailand implies you are exceeding. Exceed implies you stay in Thailand past the date for which your visa allows you to remain. This is an offense under Thai law which is subject for capture and detainment. Outstaying in Thailand could be deliberate or unexpected. Either the individual fails to remember the date when he should leave, misconstrue the visa stamp or something could have happened where the individual cannot leave the country.


The main exception for this guideline would be the unfamiliar kids under 7 years of age. All outsiders are likely to fines for outstaying in Thailand past the age of seven years.

What to do when you exceed?

You cannot withdraw Thailand without paying the visa outstays fine. You may deliberately show up yourself and report it and clear up your outstay. The fines for exceeding Thailand visa is 500 THB each day and gather for a limit of 40 days, the greatest fine can be exacted at 20,000 THB. The fine is payable to the Immigration Agency, the Suvarnabhumi Air terminal, Immigration Office, other flight or boundary point.

Personna non grata in Thailand

In the event that you are gotten in country anyplace, whenever, on a lapsed visa, you will be captured and brought to prison the Immigration division’s confinement place in Bangkok until you had the option to pay your fine caused for the days you have outstayed. You will be ousted from Thailand. You should have an affirmed air ticket along with adequate cash for transportation to the air terminal. In the event that you cannot meet those prerequisites, you will be confined in the Immigration Department prison until you can get an affirmed ticket and adequate money for the excursion to the air terminal. There will be a body of evidence documented against you. On outrageous cases particularly for long haul exceed, your name is kept in a mystery ‘Classified Rundown’, prominently known as the ‘boycott’; and you will be prohibited from entering Thailand until the end of time. It is incredibly challenging to have your name taken out from the ‘boycott’. Outstaying in Thailand can get troublesome and confounded. It is advisable to try not to get exceed. Assuming you does, avoid the exercises that might grab the eye of the police, attempt to keep away from any difficult situation, pay the fine in a hurry and leave Thailand.