Mindfully Yours: That Extra Spark


By Judith Toy


The other day I was visiting my daughter Halle McComb’s wildly successful two-year-old gymnastics facility, flip! Gym, in Charleston, SC, where she employs many coaches, assistants and administrators. There were workers loudly installing a gigantic new specialty floor for flip!’s growing cheer program. Children’s camps were in session in another section of the gym. The air smelled of chalk and socks. Kids’ voices and nail gun shots echoed off the high-ceilings of the former warehouse. Continue reading

Become a Business Magnet: Sales Strategies that Harm more than Help!


By Saralyn Collins


Sooner or later, you must face facts. You are not IN business until you HAVE business. One of the only ways you will ever HAVE business, is to ask for it from a highly qualified prospect. Continue reading

Designing Education


By Kelly Pearce


In early May, new to Western North Carolina, I found myself sitting among a small crowd in the meeting room of Asheville’s YWCA for information about a new charter school opening in August 2014. With lofty dreams of finding the perfect alternative educational experience for my high school bound daughter, I never expected to leave so inspired. Continue reading

Food For Thought: Is it a seed, a grain, a nut or a bean?! What you need to know!


By Sandy McCall


So what’s the latest scoop on what we should and shouldn’t eat? Oh yes, it changes continually it seems. Are you thinking about becoming gluten free or grain free, dairy or meat free? Or are you just looking for a balanced diet suited to your personal needs? Continue reading

Former UNCA Chancellor Dr. Anne Ponder Reflects on Leadership and Asheville Life


By Frances Figart


With the announcement in late July that the University of North Carolina at Asheville has chosen its seventh Chancellor, Mary K. Grant, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on the remarkable administration of the former Chancellor of nine years, Dr. Anne Ponder, who recently retired. Continue reading

Teaching Creativity: An Interview with Susie van der Vorst on the Future of Education


By Katey Schultz


Camp Spring Creek, located just outside Bakersville in Mitchell County, is an academic and recreational camp supporting children, ages 6 to 14, with dyslexia. “So many people with dyslexia are misunderstood,” says co-founder and co-director Susie van der Vorst. “But just look at the wonderful role models we have! Many succeed in spite of their education. Imagine how they’d be if they had been instructed in the ways they learn best.” Continue reading

Katherine Morosani and the Asheville Center for Professional Studies


By Beth Browne


A 2013 Gallup poll produced the startling information that 76% of U.S. workers are not actively engaged in their workplace. Not only does this result in worker dissatisfaction and a loss of productivity, it costs U.S. businesses an astounding $450-500 billion every year. One way to improve engagement is to involve employees in professional development. Continue reading

Currency Corner: Becoming Confident With Money


By Laura McCue


She was 92 yet her mind was as sharp as ever. In the past year she had lost her husband after 67 years of marriage. She talked with me about the emotional impact of her loss, which was compounded by the challenges of now having to manage her money and the stress of receiving all kinds of advice and financial requests from her friends and family members. Her husband had always encouraged her to get involved, but she had left that responsibility to him… something she now regrets. Continue reading

Pet Care Corner: African Grey Parrots


Courtesy of Animal Hospital of North Asheville


The African Grey (Psittacus erithacus) from central Africa is a highly intelligent bird commonly encountered in captivity. This elegant medium-sized bird is entirely grey with a strikingly red short blunt tail. The African Grey has a charming personality and is recognized as one of the best talkers among all the pet birds. With this extraordinary ability to imitate, some African Greys develop extensive vocabularies of words, songs, verses, whistles, sneezes, coughs and electronic sounds such as telephones and microwave ovens. Continue reading

September 2014


All the content from the September, 2014, Education Empowers Women issue! Continue reading


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