I Was Born under a Wandering Star!


| By Heidi Summers | The artist/seeker/inquisitive person in me thrives on seeing new places, new faces, and immersing myself in unfamiliar cultures. I am a wanderlusting globetrotter!


Changing Old Behavior Patterns


| By Rev. Louisa Dyer | For the third time in five years I found myself devastated – emotionally, financially, and spiritually – from trusting someone who proved to be untrustworthy. I’ll spare you the sordid specifics of betrayal, and …


Caretaking the Caregiver


| By Kristine Madera | “Caregiving often calls us to lean into love we didn’t know possible.” – Tia Walker


Book Review: “Nothing Vanishes: Memoir of a Life Transformed” by Karen Lauritzen


Sweet Woods Garden, a familial cemetery, graces the top of a gentle slope on Karen Lauritzen’s property in Transylvania County. At his request, she buried Henry, her husband of twenty-two years there, and then, over the next ten years, her …


Food For Thought: What Does Passion Look Like? Roses for Your Valentine!


Valentine’s Day is right up there on my list of favorites because it’s about gratitude for the people in my life, love (passion), and often food (or at least dessert). I have similar feelings about Thanksgiving. Did you know that …


Mindfully Yours: Birth Day, Death Day


“Pulled from the womb she imitates that mythic kick from some god’s head. She roars, and we are conquered. Her legs, set free, combat the air. Naked warrior: she is our own. Entire empires are overthrown.” ~ from “Birth Day,” …


Empowering Women: Fifteen Minutes of Fame


| By Jeanne Crane | “Indeed wretched the man who fame makes his misfortunes famous.” –Lucius Accius


Women Making Music: The Moon And You – Newlyweds Making Music Together The Old Fashioned Way


Theirs is music you can prance around the house to, lay in someone’s loving arms to, drive down the country road with or take on a road trip and listen to. Their harmonies soar or zoom; natural and instinctive. Melodies …


Five New Year’s Resolutions It’s Not Too Late to Consider


| By Meridith Elliott Powell | Okay, I admit it; I am among the small group of hopelessly optimistic people who love New Year’s Resolutions. I love the idea of taking the time to recommit, refocus, and vow to do …


Women, Spirit & Money: 5 Simple Steps to Find Expertise and Resources, Fast


The struggle to solve a problem can be frustrating, particularly when on deadline. Here’s how columnist Sherri McLendon gets the answers she needs, fast, so she can move forward decisively.