Mindfully Yours: Kicking the Bucket List


By Judith Toy


An old church custom held that after death when a body was laid out, the holy-water bucket was brought from the church and placed at the feet of the corpse. When friends came to pray they would sprinkle the body with holy water. To continue with this speculation to “stretch one’s legs” is one of the body’s classic responses at death. In fact, in Spanish, Estirar la pata or “Stretch one’s legs” means “to die.” So assuming that the church officials brought the bucket to the feet of the dying in anticipation of their passing, we can see at least one possibility of how the phrase “Kick the Bucket” came about. Continue reading

The ABCs of Organizing: G” is for Gemstones … Confessions of an Organizer!


By Sophia Noll


“G” is for Gemstones… Yep! You read correctly… I’m changing it up with this month’s article and taking some creative liberties. As a Professional Organizer I’m admitting that I too have the propensity to bring into my space more rather than less, as in Gemstones, Rocks, and Minerals… Oh My!! As I sat in my room, contemplating what to write this month, I became aware of how DISTRACTED I was by my beautiful companions. I lost my focus! And instead of writing about “How To Organize _______,” I found myself writing about my gemstones, which lead me down the rabbit hole that follows. Continue reading

Pet Care Corner: Heart Murmurs in Dogs and Cats


By Dr. Caroline Kiss, Courtesy of Animal Hosp of North Asheville


A heart murmur is an abnormal sound heard on auscultation (listening) of the heart with a stethoscope. The normal heart makes two distinct sounds often described as “lub” and “dub”, which are the sounds of the heart valves closing. A murmur is often described as a “shooshing” or “whooshing” sound that occurs in between the normal lub-dub-lub-dub sounds of the heart. If severe, some murmurs can drown out the normal sounds of the heart and can even cause a vibration that can be felt when placing your hand on the chest wall. Continue reading

August 2014


All the content from the August, 2014, Let’s Get Physical issue! Continue reading

Meet Our Advertisers: Bob Hanna, PhD


Emotionally Focused Therapy For Couples: Creating Secure And Loving Bonds


It is human nature to be social beings with an authentic need for connection and intimacy. We are meant to live interdependently, looking out and caring for each other. This desire for secure bonds is not meant to end at childhood but rather continues throughout our lifespan. Prior to the so-called civilized age, our ancestors lived in close-knit tribal communities for more than 100,000 years, sharing food and resources and offering comfort and support for each other. It’s in our DNA. Continue reading

We Are Story Stones On Which Sacred Carvings Are Made Daily


By MariJo Moore


When I turned fifty during the summer of 2002, I decided it was time to do some things I had been threatening to do for years: I chose to ignore those who said I wasn’t Indian because I wasn’t enrolled, as well as those who said my writing shouldn’t be taken seriously since I self-publish (through my little company rENEGADE pLANETS pUBLISHING); I completed a novel, begun in the 1970s, The Diamond Doorknob, that deals with racism, abuse, alcoholism, and survival and dedicated it to The Madwoman; and I published my book of poetry Confessions of A Madwoman, through which the madness of my creativity was made public. The Madwoman is my creative self – the self that has kept me going all through my life – when I was suffering from alcoholism, and when I finally realized that creativity was my way to deal with the ups and downs of a mixed-blood life. Continue reading

Yoga with Lillah


You’ve probably heard of animal whisperers. They’re called whisperers because of an uncanny ability to communicate with animals and hear their secrets. Have you heard of a back whisperer? And did you know we have one in our very own backyard? Continue reading

Funny, Isn’t It?


By Jeanne Charters


Matt was not amused about being dragged away from the newspaper that Sunday morning, but I had successfully conned him into taking me to B B Barnes to get something for that concrete planter out in front. It’s been sitting there empty through all the seasons of the past two years. I think my neighbors were preparing to draft a petition on this matter, so there was some pressure about gettin’ ‘er done. I also had an orchid plant in serious need of something. What? Not a clue. As I will explain shortly, I’m clueless about plants. Sometimes, when I’m clueless, I make up for said ignorance by determination. Continue reading

Life Is A Contact Sport


By Marie O. Davis LPC and Tayria Ward Ph.D.


One of the joys of sports, whether individual or team sports, is the consistent challenge to perform at our best. We measure that by looking at other’s performances or by exceeding our own previous attainments and striving to improve skills with every try. Continue reading

How Their Gardens Grow


By Maggie Cramer


Three local women farmers share their stories and sneak peeks at their Farm Tour offerings


If variety is the spice of life, ASAP’s forthcoming Farm Tour is sure to make yours downright zesty – at least for a weekend. The annual event, September 20-21, will showcase 30+ diverse Appalachian Grown™ farms across WNC, ranging from cheesemaking to fiber to meat operations. Even no two participating vegetable farms are quite alike. Continue reading


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