Life Is A Contact Sport


By Marie O. Davis LPC and Tayria Ward Ph.D.


One of the joys of sports, whether individual or team sports, is the consistent challenge to perform at our best. We measure that by looking at other’s performances or by exceeding our own previous attainments and striving to improve skills with every try. Continue reading

How Their Gardens Grow


By Maggie Cramer


Three local women farmers share their stories and sneak peeks at their Farm Tour offerings


If variety is the spice of life, ASAP’s forthcoming Farm Tour is sure to make yours downright zesty – at least for a weekend. The annual event, September 20-21, will showcase 30+ diverse Appalachian Grown™ farms across WNC, ranging from cheesemaking to fiber to meat operations. Even no two participating vegetable farms are quite alike. Continue reading

CosmiComedy: Godness is Everywhere


By Lavinia Plonka


I’ve often thought of shopping as a kind of religion. People walk down the aisle, genuflecting to pick up a bag of flour, raising their arms to reach the Honey Nut Cheerios. Along the way, they fall into temptation, buying a half-gallon of ice cream (or is that buying an indulgence?) and then redeem their purchases with double coupons and offer up their money at the moment of reckoning the total purchase. When they leave, they are uplifted because they have saved $10 off today and earned valuable points towards future shopping. And then when we get home and pull out that ice cream we experience buyer’s remorse. Continue reading

Meet Our Advertisers: Prama Wellness Center


By Time to Detox in a Peaceful Environment


The Prama Wellness Center (located on the same property as The Prama Institute in Marshall, NC, just 20 minutes from downtown Asheville) specializes in effective detox and rejuvenation techniques for long-term health and well-being. Continue reading

Feed the Kids Coalition


By Mary Ickes


Mission Statement: We are a community exercising our faith by sharing healthy food with the children in our local community.


“The hunger crisis in Henderson County is bigger than most people realize… a staggering 47% of all children are on the free lunch program at their schools. Many do not have a hot meal from Friday lunch until Monday morning breakfast.” — From Feed the Kids Coalition website. Continue reading

Words From The Editor


By Sandi Tomlin-Sutker


This particular issue’s theme began with a focus on women and sports but quickly morphed into a look at many facets of physicality. I like that shift. The more varied an issue is in terms of both it’s theme and complementary articles the more I like it! Continue reading

Man with a Message


By Kathleen Cantwell


The Rev. Michael Carter was put here on earth – or appeared here – to deliver a message. That much he knows. By now he also knows that one of the key messages, if not the main one, is an appreciation of diversity. “My whole life has prepared me for that,” he says. Continue reading

Summertime, and the Business is Easy: Why Waiting to Invest in Marketing is a Big Mistake


By Sherri L. McLendon


People in business put off thinking about marketing for a lot of reasons. They say things along the lines of “I’ve got to do some marketing…”


Then they add the “but.” Continue reading

Sales is from Mars: Marketing is from Venus


By Saralyn Collins


OK, I have to admit right up front: I stole this title from an interesting blog I read. But this content is from my 30 years experience in coaching and consulting with multiple individuals, all of whom wanted to grow and sustain a profitable business.


It’s totally common for entrepreneurs (especially Solopreneurs) to wear many different hats as they attempt to grow a successful business. In fact, most entrepreneurs often have a wide range of skill sets. And we think we have to do it all. Continue reading

The Ginko Walk: A Cat’s Gift


By Connie Regan-Blake & Nancy Shapiro-Pikelny


This is a true story, written as a picture book for children.


One winter afternoon, a tiny calico kitten walked down from the Blue Ridge Mountains and into Connie’s life. She found the kitty surrounded by six neighborhood dogs, standing in a circle with their noses pointing down. Even with all of the sniffing, growling and barking, the stray kitten wasn’t afraid. Connie picked her up and she fit right in the palm of her hand. Continue reading


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