Man with a Message


By Kathleen Cantwell


The Rev. Michael Carter was put here on earth – or appeared here – to deliver a message. That much he knows. By now he also knows that one of the key messages, if not the main one, is an appreciation of diversity. “My whole life has prepared me for that,” he says. Continue reading

Summertime, and the Business is Easy: Why Waiting to Invest in Marketing is a Big Mistake


By Sherri L. McLendon


People in business put off thinking about marketing for a lot of reasons. They say things along the lines of “I’ve got to do some marketing…”


Then they add the “but.” Continue reading

Sales is from Mars: Marketing is from Venus


By Saralyn Collins


OK, I have to admit right up front: I stole this title from an interesting blog I read. But this content is from my 30 years experience in coaching and consulting with multiple individuals, all of whom wanted to grow and sustain a profitable business.


It’s totally common for entrepreneurs (especially Solopreneurs) to wear many different hats as they attempt to grow a successful business. In fact, most entrepreneurs often have a wide range of skill sets. And we think we have to do it all. Continue reading

The Ginko Walk: A Cat’s Gift


By Connie Regan-Blake & Nancy Shapiro-Pikelny


This is a true story, written as a picture book for children.


One winter afternoon, a tiny calico kitten walked down from the Blue Ridge Mountains and into Connie’s life. She found the kitty surrounded by six neighborhood dogs, standing in a circle with their noses pointing down. Even with all of the sniffing, growling and barking, the stray kitten wasn’t afraid. Connie picked her up and she fit right in the palm of her hand. Continue reading

Switched Allegiances


By Bonita Osley


At ten years old, directly in the middle of a family with thirteen kids, it was pretty amazing that I collected ownership of anything, much less a playful puppy. However, my claiming rights to the small, mischievous mongrel did not last long. Continue reading

Mindfully Yours: Ask Not What Your Dog Can Do For You


By Judith Toy


There is much written about the benefits of dogs to humans, but what about the benefits of humans to dogs? When it comes to mindfulness, dogs are my teachers. They are quite Zen. They speak with their eyes and their tails. They know the wisdom of stopping and resting (not before turning around three times, though). But how can I be a mentor to them? I honestly believe that while they do not talk much, they have made it abundantly clear that they want nothing more than to join me: A) playing ball in the park or living room or yard; B) on reasonably vigorous daily hikes (not too long and not too short), on leash or off; and C) on the couch or in bed where they can snuggle with me. Continue reading

Through the Years


By Ryan Jo Summers


I was recently asked why I have such old animals and it got me to thinking. It had been directed at Scrapper, my sixteen and a half year old Papillion, but it could have been applied just as easily to any number of old animals that I’ve loved, and have loved me, through the years. Continue reading

Literacy – A Family Affair


By Lily Contorer


Alma showed up first. She entered my office and immediately began to explain why she needed a tutor fast. She had to pass the GED before January, 2014 when the whole test got much harder. She didn’t think she could do it in just seven months but, “I’m gonna really try. I’m gonna try my hardest, Lily, because I really gotta do this.” Alma had grown up in a Spanish-speaking household and left school in the ninth grade. She didn’t have much self-confidence but did have a frenetic kind of drive. Continue reading

Book Review: “We End in Joy” by Angela Fordice Jordan


Reviewed by Mary Ickes


As her story opens in 2006, Ms. Jordan returns from Scotland where she walked the land of her stalwart ancestors, seeking their counsel in dealing with her father’s familial betrayal, his death, and the demise of her twenty-nine year marriage. Continue reading

Women Making Music: Lyndsay Pruett – Premier Fancy Free-lance Fiddler


By Peggy Ratusz


The many touring and recording artists who have worked with this Jacksonville, Florida transplant fuse together musically diverse influences. The fiddle and violin playing duties of their multi-layered projects are in the capable hands and fingers of Lyndsay Pruett. Continue reading


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